Zone 2 - Rogers Zone Director: 

Michaela Jones - Nominated for Rogers Zone Director 

Michaela is a 3rd grade teacher at Lidgerwood Elementary, after transferring from K-3 Behavioral Intervention programs across various locations.  She has been part of SPS for 6 years since her days at GU (go Zags!), and is serving her first year as both a building rep and the Rogers WEA-PAC zone director.  Michaela is excited for the potential opportunity to continue to serve her fellow educators and support staff as the Rogers Zone Director! 

Pam Torngren - Nominated for Rogers Zone Director 

Library Clerk @ Rogers and Glover 

I have worked for Spokane Public Schools for 26 years. 

I have been a Building Rep at Rogers for 12 years. 

I have attended or been Host Unit Lead for WEA RA for 10+ years. 

I am on the Secretarial / Clerical Leadership team and have sat as Chair for the last 3 years. 

I am on the bargaining team for the Secretarial / Clerical Unit. 

As my bio shows I am very active in my union and am willing and ready to work hard for SEA members.

Zone 3 - Shadle Zone Director:

Jodi Harmon - Nominated for Shadle Zone Director

Hello my name is Jodi Harmon and I am running for Shadle Zone Director. I have been employed with and a SEA member of Spokane public Schools for 15 years as an Elementary School Counselor. Fourteen of those years I have served as a building representative. I have sat on the last two bargains as a certificated bargaining team member and will be sitting on the bargain again this year. It has also been my pleasure to have served as your Shadle Zone Director for the past 2 years and I am and will continue to be committed to effectively communicate and represent members to the best of my ability and promote strength in union values. I am proud to be representing the members of Shadle Park High School, Salk Middle School, Security, and the Elementary Schools of Balboa, Browne, Finch, Ridgeview, Willard, Westview, and Woodridge. I am passionate about making sure our members are heard and feel valued and respected.


Zone 4 - Ferris Zone Director: 

Sherri Thies - Nominated for Ferris Zone Director 

This is my 24th year teaching Art at Ferris. I've been Ferris' SEA rep since 2005. I have attended at least 6 WEA RA's. I grew up in a union family. My father was president of his Union; my sons are active members of their Union; and I believe in Union Values and Solidarity. I would be honored if you would place your trust in me as Ferris Zone Director. 

Zone 5 - LC Zone Director:

Kevin Cope - Nominated for LC Zone Director 

I teach music at Grant Elementary and I am running for re-election as the Lewis and Clark zone director.  

I have been teaching in Spokane Public schools for 18 years. I have served 16 years as a building rep. I have served on bargaining teams and bargaining support teams, lobbied members of the legislature and worked on many different tasks for SEA. I am passionate that our voice as educators must be heard and that we need to be part of the decision making process in our district. I would appreciate your vote so that I can continue working for you. 

ESP Director:

Les Allred - Nominated for ESP Director

I'm Les Allred I have been with the District now for almost 28 years how time flies by. I am the Head Custodian for Lewis and Clark High School. I am on the S.E.A Ex Board and running again for that office. I have bargained and I am on the Custodial Leadership team , served on several local and national committees. And currently Vice chair of the states action coordinating team.  I am a E.S.P. at heart and would to love to serve each of you again for the next two years. 

Todd Clouse - Nominated for ESP Director

Hi my name is Todd R Clouse I have been an active union member for SEA I have been a building rep off and on for several years. I have also represented our members at both the WEA and NEA rep assemblies on several occasions. I have also been part of the districts in door air quality team and have represented our members when they have had problems with in door air quality. I have been on the custodial leadership for several years bringing issues to leadership. I have been the chair person for our custodian warehouse grounds bargaining team for the last 4 bargains. I have always tried to advocate for our members not just the custodians but all members. It would be my honor to represent you all as your ESP Director I will listen to your concerns and if I do not know the answer I vow to you that I will not rest until I find out the answer for you. I hope that you will give me the chance to support you all in this position.  In Solidarity Todd R Clouse

Michael Quick - Nominated for ESP Director

 - University of Washington

         BA - Marketing, BA - Advertising

- North Central One-on-One in Spec Ed

        DI Paraeducator for the last two years

        - Coaching Basketball and Baseball for DI as well

- SEA Building Rep both years

- 35-Year Advertising Marketing Pro (retired) trained in strategic problem solving and planning

Let me be your extra Voice at the Union.  We need to be asking harder and smarter questions to be a stronger union