Building Representatives

SEA will update this page periodically with updates for Building Representatives

August 2017: Welcome back, Building Reps! Elections will be held at the building level this fall, preferably in September. Terms are two years, so if you were just elected last school year, you are still considered a Rep (unless you moved schools). SEA will be in touch with 2016-2017 Reps to see who will continue to serve, who will run again, etc. We will facilitate building rep elections.  

Click here for a 2017-2018 Rep Council calendar! 

The work of sea reps
(In a nutshell)

  • Attend Rep Council once a month at SEA
  • Communicate with members about what is going on at SEA
  • Communicate with SEA about what is going on in the building
  • Maintain membership records for the building- including asking people to join SEA and/or WEAPAC
  • Meet with the principal/administrator on a regular basis
  • Assist members with concerns, questions, grievances, issues, etc.
  • Maintain a SEA bulletin board in the building
  • Serve on the building leadership team as a SEA rep
  • Be an advocate- ensure the contract is being upheld, go in to meetings with members, speak with the administration
  • New Rep training was canceled this fall but will be worked out

How many reps can one building have? There can be one rep per 20 members and this will be based off SEA's current membership data. 

If I move schools, am I still the Building Rep? No, you must be elected by your building's membership. 

Not sure if you want to be an SEA Rep, but want to get involved? Get a "SEA Team" together! There are many leadership roles you can take within your building, see if one of them suits you: