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Spokane Education Association Resolution

March 5, 2018

Whereas, the current and past generations of political leaders have failed to protect our students against the domestic terrorism in our nation's schools; and

Whereas, our students and members are more threatened by a school shooting in Spokane, WA than an international terrorist attack; and

Whereas, student activist groups of a new generation are stepping forward to take leadership in tackling gun violence, an issue our politicians have not had the political will to confront; and

Whereas, it is the job of educators to teach students, and the best way to teach them is authentically supporting and training students to use their voice and to lead; and

Whereas, the Women's March Youth Empower Organization is calling for a 17 minute student walkout at 10:00am on March 14th, the one month anniversary of the murder of 17 students and staff at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL; and

Whereas, the brave and civic-minded students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School are organizing a MARCH FOR OUR LIVES on March 24th; and

Whereas, the National Education Association is calling on locals to participate in the student-led National Day of Action on April 20th, the 19th Anniversary of the Mass Murder at Columbine High School; and

Whereas, our elected representatives in Congress are not acting with urgency to craft legislation to significantly reduce gun violence; and

Whereas, educators see no greater value to our society than the students to whom we have dedicated our lives; and

Whereas, it is the policy of Spokane Public Schools to teach our students how to appropriately advocate for change;

Therefore, be it resolved, the Spokane Education Association fully supports current and future youth organizers, locally and throughout the country, in their efforts to bring about change by raising awareness of gun violence through their actions and civic engagement.  To this end, the SEA pledges supportive action.

Be it further resolved, the Executive Board of the Spokane Education Association directs our union to take the following actions:

  • Take supportive action for any non-violent collective action, organized by the students of Spokane Public Schools, related to ending gun violence in schools
  • Regularly inform the membership of local actions taking place related to ending gun violence in schools and give a report at the March representative council meeting detailing SEA's progress on current organizing around the issue of gun violence in schools
  • Engage in dialogue with the school District, with the goal of working collaboratively to participate in the 17 minute walkout at the high schools on March 14th and to have similar developmentally appropriate actions at the middle and elementary schools
    • In the event a staff participation agreement cannot be reached, SEA members will be encouraged to show support for the action by wearing 'Freeman Blue' and participating in '17 Acts of Kindness'.
  • Participate in the local MARCH FOR OUR LIVES event on March 24th  by serving as 'Peacekeepers' for student participants
  • Inform the District that the SEA will participate in an action on April 20th, the nature and appropriateness of which will be determined by the membership

Spokane Education Association Executive Board

Katy Henry, President

Jeremy Shay, Vice President

Mandy Manning, Recording Secretary

Michelle Burdick, Financial Secretary

Brad Read, Shadle Zone Director

Tana Bromps, NC Zone Director

Kevin Cope, LC Zone Director

Sherri Thies, Ferris Zone Director

Michaela Jones, Rogers Zone Director

Amy Hagins, ESP Co-Chair

Les Allred, ESP Co-Chair

Debby Chandler, WEA Board Director

Morgan Gallee, WEAPAC Manager

Laura Treece, Middle School Rep



Sue Pfeifer, Libby

Nancy Nicholas, Sacajawea

Ciara Noble, Jefferson

Joanne Candelaria, Shadle

Sarah Ream, Mullan Road

Debra Van Slyke, Chase

Doug Joslyn, Logan

Suzanne Bantilan, Cooper

Eric Bantilan, Bemiss

Katie Droter, Sacajawea

Mike Campbell, Lewis and Clark

Colleen Marsh, Salk

Rose Bachman, Retired

Laura Hamilton, Special Ed

Laurie Smith, Ferris High School

Susan Herzog, Montessori

Jason Selley, Ferris

Debra Pearson, Browne

Katherine Hoot, Substitute

Joe Kahovec, Sheridan

Philip Angus Nunes, Wilson

Allison Rhoades, Garry

Amy Confer, Lincoln Heights

Pamela Neill, Mullan Road

Sara Ball-Vadeboncoeur, Roosevelt

Jan Black, Westview

Val Talgo, Ferris

Adrienne Kilbourne, Sacajawea

Lisa, Admin

Marci Barton, Sacajawea

Laura Hamilton, Special Education Itinerant

Molly Campbell Barton, Lidgerwood

Barb Silvey, Rogers

Katherine Hoot, Shadle

Barbara Richard, Lincoln Heights

Annie McCune, Linwood

Karrie Brown, Moran Prairie

Amanda Kopczynski, SVL

Heidi Schuler, Salk

Dean Tyler-Babkird - Shaw

Matt Garvin, Linwood

Elizabeth Coyote, Wilson

Brittany Moitke, Linwood

Peggy Slotvig, Bemiss

Sara Munro, Garry

Kathy Teal, Regal

Theresa Luciani, Lidgerwood

Chana, Grant

Adrienne Kilbourne, Sacajawea

Richelle Gartner, Linwood

Katie Droter, Sacajawea

Amy Mazur, Special Education

Michael Quick, STEP

Barb Girshick, Retired

Maria Esther Zamora, Logan

Alisha Kettleson, Holmes

Barb Silvey, Rogers

Ashley Yelenich, Rogers

Lisel Corneil, Lincoln Heights

Linda Gower, Finch

Julieann Morse, Itinerant Therapist