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Executive Board Candidate Information:

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Katy Henry


Hello! I am Katy Henry.  As president of SEA for the past year and a half, my priority has been to provide regular and clear communication to members and to increase member voice and participation in the association.  As a special education teacher in my 21st year of teaching, I have experienced and regularly hear from members that the needs of students and public schools has drastically changed over time. From protocols to address food allergies in school kitchens, to relevant processes for school safety, to maintaining clear procedures for maintenance of our buildings, SEA is working everyday to support members on the issues that directly affect your work.  As we continue to move forward, I remain committed to ensuring that member’s voices are a critical part of influencing our work environment and advocating for your rights. In my short time as president, SEA has increased member participation in such activities as the Equity Committee, WEAPAC – Legislative work, updating our governing documents, and building capacity of our building reps to address building issues.  These activities directly impact how the association runs and the goals we are working toward. I ask for your support in continuing this work for another term.

Vice President

Brad Read


I have been teaching for 35 years, 14 of which have been in Spokane Public Schools. I have been at Shadle for 12 years, and a building rep for the last 4. I am one of the trainers for Culturally Responsive Classroom Communities/Classroom Management, and I was the chair of the Bargaining Support Core team during the 2018 salary bargain. I am passionate about the empowering work WEA and SEA have done and can continue to do.                                                                                   

Jeremy Shay

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Financial Secretary

Michelle Burdick


I have been privileged with teaching the Veterinary Assisting Program at NEWTECH Skills Center since 2002. My building has allowed me to represent them since 2006 and I have been bargaining for all of you since then as well. You have been kind enough to allow me to represent you at several Washington State Representative Assemblies and as one of your current WEA Board Directors. You have also allowed me to be on the Executive Board in a variety of positions including Zone Director, WEA PAC Manager, and Financial Secretary. The majority of my work has been as Financial Secretary where it has been my goal for the last two terms to create a Financial Policy Manual (finished last year) and get us to a healthy reserve. With your continued support, it is my plan to have our reserve goals accomplished by the end of this next term. Thank you for all your continued support.                                                                                                                

Recording Secretary

Tami Taylor Archilla


I'm Tami Taylor Archilla and I would be honored to serve you as your next Recording Secretary. I'm a resource para at Arlington. I've been a building rep for 11yrs and attend every meeting. I've served on ESP Leadership, WEA-PAC, Bargaining Support, and several other committees. I've served you at WEA-RA for 10yrs. Thank you for your consideration. #solidarity                                                                                                                 

Stephanie Ervin

No BIo Submitted

Madeline Sells

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ESP Co-Chair

Ginger Alberry

No bio submitted                                                                                              

Amy Hagins

Hello! It has been an honor to be the co-chair of classified staff the past almost 2 years. It’s been a whirlwind experience and I have learned so much along the way. Serving classified staff is an honor that I take very seriously. If you see fit to re-elect me I will continue working at the local and state level to uplift ALL classified staff. Every one of us contributes greatly to the education of kids. Schools would struggle to run day to day operations without us. Please consider voting for me to continue this important work. Thank you.

Marty McDowell

I am running for the posion of co chair for esp  I have been a union member for 23 years been to the esp conference in vagas would love to go to the conference again.I have also been to the ra as a deligate a couple of times  I am a building rep this year at balboa elementary Ihave also volunteered at the ra  I am a wepack member and have signed many people up as wepack members .I think I could do a good job as co-chair so would like to have your vote.

North Central Zone Director

Tana Bromps                                                                

I have been actively involved with SEA for the past 12 years. It has been an honor to serve as the North Central Zone Director where I have worked hard to support all members. Other roles I have taken on include being a building representative at my school, and doing committee work for ESS leadership. I am now serving on the Advisory committee for Special Education with the district. I also represented SEA at many school board meetings. Lastly, I have attended WEA and NEA rep assemblies. In my role as NC zone director I will continue to support and advocate for ALL members. I would appreciate your vote.