Building Representatives

SEA will update this page periodically with updates for Building Representatives

October 2018: Elections were held last fall for Building Reps. If your school/worksite did not elect the full allotment of reps, additonal rep(s) may be appointed. Terms are two years and all reps were elected last year electronically to satisfy SEA Bylaws update and all positions will be elected again for the new term beginning in 2019-2020. 

Click here for a 2018-19 Rep Council calendar! 

The Work of an SEA Building Rep

(In a nutshell)

  • Attend Rep Council once per month at SEA
  • Communicate with members about what is going on at SEA
    • 10-minute meetings are one way to do so
    • Encourage members to participate in SEA activies, from bargaining surveys to running for office
  • Communicate with SEA about what is going on in the building
  • Helping potential members to join SEA and/or WEAPAC
    • Keep Membership Enrollment Forms on hand 
  • Help answer questions for your members
    • Know the basics, read INK and Rep updates from SEA for details on "hot topic" issues
  • Meet with the principal/administrator on a regular basis
    • Your building's own version of labor management 
  • Assist members with concerns, questions, grievances, issues, etc.
  • Maintain an SEA bulletin board in the building
  • Serve on the building leadership team as an SEA rep
  • Be an advocate- ensure the contract is being upheld, go in to meetings with members, speak with the administration
    • Have quick access to the various CBAs to refer to when members and admin ask questions
  • Attend SEA Building Rep Trainings

How many reps can one building have? 

There can be one rep per 20 members and this will be based off SEA's current membership data. Here is the list with the numbers the SEA office uses. 

If I move schools, am I still the Building Rep? 

No, you must be elected by your building's membership. 

Who is my Building Rep?

Click here for names of Building Reps by Building

NEA EdCommunities 

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