Building Representatives

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New Building Rep Structure

Last spring, the Rep Council voted to change the SEA by-laws to revise the duties of Building Reps. The existing language didn’t adequately address the reality of what Reps did, and those duties didn’t explicitly mention membership, which must be one of our top priorities. Without a primary focus on membership, we lose our power as a collective.

We know that Building Reps are essential to SEA. They are the first contact for membership when they have questions about SEA and the CBA. Historically, Building Reps have been responsible for everything from CBA questions, communicating Union updates, and recruiting new members. All three of these responsibilities are vital to the collective power we must maintain. To be successful in all three areas the Rep Council voted to revise the roles of building reps last spring.

Building reps will be elected to fill 3 primary focus areas:

  • Membership 
  • Communications
  • Advocacy

Read more about the Building Rep roles here. 


If I move schools, am I still the Building Rep? 

No, you must be elected by your building's membership. 

Who is my Building Rep?

Will be updated soon for the 20-21 year


Reps work with the SEA office and leadership through email updates, Rep Council meeting and on our Teams group