How do I get involved?

Task Forces, Leadership Team, Committees, etc. 

A strong union is the result of a many things, but one important piece is having a place for our many talented, passionate members to grow. Your various experiences and your dedication make SEA strong.

Are you ready to share that with your union brothers and sisters?

We encourage you to step up and plug into SEA!  Let us know who you are and what interests you.

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We want to hear from you, so please fill out this form if you have any interest. It helps us gather information about what you're interested in. 

 We’re looking forward to learning and growing with you!

Some ways members get involed include:

-Representing SEA at a WEA or NEA Rep Assembly: Annual events attended by Delegates across the state/nation to determine the priorities of the larger entity in a democratic process.

-Participating in Committees: SEA has a variety of committees to problem-solve with SPS or help steer the association's various priorities

- Building Reps: It's a goal to have a Rep specializing in communications, advocacy and membership at each worksite. Stepping up into this role is a great way to serve and grow. 

-Elected Office: SEA members elect an Executive Board to lead their union. Check out the Executive Board page for more details. 

-Union trainings and events: SEA holds various events each year from professional development trainings, retirement seminars, know your contract trainings, contract ratification to membership appreciation events. These events are designed for your participation and benefit - all you have to do is show up!

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