Annual Kim Plemons Award

kp award 2021

The Annual Kim Plemons award takes place in the spring of each year.

Kim Plemons Award Nomination

The purpose of the annual Kim Plemons Award is to honor an SEA member who has given their time, effort and talent to further the goals and beliefs of our Association. This member can be from any bargaining unit.

Monetary Award: $250 (to be used by recipient for any reason)

Criteria to qualify for the award:

(1) Must be an SEA member in any bargaining unit

(2) Demonstrated leadership could include some of the following:

-Building Representative
-Leadership Team member
-Bargaining Team member
-Core Team member
-Advocating for fellow members and students
-Organizing activities, engaging fellow members
-Representing SEA on a committee
-Any other activity relating to SEA’s mission/goals/beliefs

(3) Must be nominated by fellow SEA member