Member Benefits

SEA Death Benefit and Emergency Fund

When emergencies arise that are of no fault to our members, the SEA office is able to offer assitance to those enrolled in the Death Benefit and Emergency Fund. Occasionally, there are members who pass away and the fund also covers a benefit to their designated beneficiary. However, you must be enrolled in this fund and now is the time to enroll, as the fee is deducted in November. 

    • If you are not signed up, you can fill out paperwork anything but will not be enrolled until the annual payroll deduction in November. 
    • Click here to print and complete a form (you're responsible for your own copies for your records if you choose to print a the form)
    • Send via school mail, regular mail or use mail slot at SEA office (place form in envelope or other security enclosure and drop through mail slot on the parking lot side door).
    • If you had a $10 deduction in November 2023, you should be eligible to access funds through November 2024. 
    • The next deduciton will take place in November 2024 and we cannot enroll people until then. 
  • What does it cover?
    • Emergency Fund: Access up to $1,000 to help cover or reimburse costs. We often see medical expenses, unexpected expenses for death or illness of loved ones, property damage expenses (remember those massive windstorms a few years ago!?). 
    • Death Benefit: A $3,000 benefit paid to your beneficiary if you happen to pass away while an actively enrolled member of this fund. 
  • Who can join?
    • Only active dues-paying members of the Spokane Education Association. No admin, no spouses, etc. If a member opts out of union membership, they effectively cancel their Death Benefit and Emergency Fund enrollment.
    • You can name anyone as your beneficiary.
  • How do I know if I'm enrolled?
    • If you're not sure if you have enrolled before, look up your November paystub from a previous year and look for a $10 deduction. 
    • You're welcome to resubmit a form if you're still not sure.
  • Beneficiary Info
    • You can also resubmit a form to change your beneficiary, changes in marital status are the most common reasons to change your beneficiary. Just fill out a new form naming your beneficiary if you think you might need to update. 
    • For legal reasons, we cannot remit payment of your benefit to anyone other than who is listed on your form. 

NEA Member Benefits

If you don't already take advantage of the great savings and information available to you as a SEA/WEA/NEA members, you should check out NEA Member Benefits today. For a relevant overview of current NEA Member Benefits, check out this webpage updated monthly on WEA's website.

Washington Education Association (WEA) and National Education Association (NEA)

As a member of SEA, your local is formally known as Spokane Education Association, then there's Washington Education Association and the National Education Association. When you put the size and strength of the 90,000+ member WEA to work for you, the result is having access to some of the best benefits, services and rates in the state. In addition, NEA Member Benefits, with its commitment to improving the lives of members and its substantial buying power, provides quality products and services that help with many of the financial needs of WEA members. As a WEA member, you are also a member of the National Education Association (NEA) and qualify for these offers.

As a member of the Washington Education Association & National Education Association:

NEA Complimentary Life Insurance - Use the link for more information and to set your beneficiary

WEA Attorney Referral Program - Available to all active members and members' spouses and dependent children

WEA Professional Development and Training Classes; including Pro-Teach Jump Start and WEA National Board Jump Start.

NEA Liability Insurance that includes $1,000,000 of employment liability insurance protection.

NEA Member Benefits, including Click & Save, travel discounts, home, student and auto loan programs, the NEA Academy and much more! For an 

And so much more!   For more information on WEA benefits