This information is provided as a courtesy by Spokane Education Association but you must contact AON directly for assistance. 

Here's some context:

Before the SEBB plans were implemented, some members participated on the WEA Select Plans. WEA has been working to wind down the plans and is now in the process of disbursing the remaining funds from the associated 501(c)(9) trust account to members/employees who were enrolled on the plan on the last day it existed (12/31/19). 

The checks will be sent in a plain white 4.125” x 9.45” window envelope. The WEA Select logo and WEA’s PO Box (P.O. Box 9100, Federal Way, WA 98063) will show through the return address window. The member/employee's name and address will appear in the addressee window.

If you're inquiring about your check or requesting a re-issue, please email

A letter of explanation will be included with the check, detailing which plans they participated in and the amount from each account.

Aetna/UnitedHealthcare medical plans: Any funds remaining in the Aetna/UnitedHealthcare 501(c)(9) accounts will be disbursed in 2022. 

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact the Aon WEA Select Service Team at

FAQ (read full FAQ sheet here) 

Q: I think I may have thrown away my check, what do I do now? 

A: We will first verify if you are receiving a check and whether the check has been mailed yet.  If the answer to both is ‘Yes’, then we can place a stop-pay on the original check and issue a new check.  We will need the following information to process the stop-pay/reissue: 

  • Full name 

  • Last four digits of SSN or date of birth 

  • Current mailing address 

  • School District you were employed with as of 12/31/2019 

Q: Which WEA Select Plans have a Rate Stabilization Fund (RSF)?
The following WEA Select plans have an RSF:
• Life insurance (group, voluntary term and the life plan included with the medical plan)
— underwritten by Unum
• Core dental — underwritten by Delta Dental (this does not include the DeltaCare managed dental plan or Willamette Dental)
• Vision — underwritten by VSP
• Medical — underwritten by Aetna and UnitedHealthcare

Q: Am I eligible to receive a disbursement check? 

A: Employees are eligible if they were enrolled on the WEA Select Core Dental, Vision and/or Life Insurance Plans on the last day the plans existed (12/31/2019).  In order for us to determine if you are receiving a check, please provide us with the following information: 

  • Full name 
  • Last four digits of SSN or date of birth 
  • Current mailing address 
  • School District you were employed with as of 12/31/2019 

Q: Where did these funds come from?

At the end of each plan year an annual accounting was performed with the applicable insurance companies resulting in either a gain (surplus) or a deficit (loss). In the event there was a gain, those funds were transferred to the appropriate RSF account. Conversely, if there was a loss, funds were transferred back to make the carrier whole, provided funds were available. Over the years, our members and plan participants have benefited by reduced premiums or enhanced benefits through premium subsidies by using some of the RSF dollars.

Q: My local and school district moved to a non-WEA Select dental plan in 2016. Are we eligible to receive any funds?
Only those who were enrolled on the last day the plan existed (Dec. 31, 2019) are eligible to participate in the disbursement of any remaining funds.

Q: Why does this process take so long?
It takes time to allow for all claims that were incurred while the plan still existed (prior to 1/1/20) to be processed, including those involving other insurance policies (i.e. Coordination of Benefits (COB), subrogation, etc.). This is called the “run-out” period. For some plans such as the dental, vision and life insurance, they only need 12-15 months to ensure all the claims have been processed. At that point in time a terminal accounting is performed.

More time is needed for the medical plans. The run-out period for the medical plan is 24 months. As noted above, the insurance companies need time to complete processing claims, especially those that involve other insurance policies. A terminal accounting process will be completed on the WEA Select Medical plans early next year. In the event there are any remaining funds, they would be disbursed late spring/early summer of 2022.