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Why Be A Member?

Your membership in WEA means you have the support of the National Education Association (NEA), our state's Washington Education Association (WEA) and your local Spokane Education Association (SEA).  In addition, members can belong to affiliated groups including WEA-Retired, WEA Higher Education, and Student WEA.

Being a WEA Member means:

  • Accurate information amid a changing landscape in education
  • Support in bargaining your local contract
  • A strong voice in the Washington Legislature
  • Professional development opportunities to help keep your skill sharp
  • Eligibility to attend cohorts for obtaining ProTeach and National Board Certification
  • $1 million on-the-job educator employment liability insurance coverage
  • Legal assistance from WEA attorneys
  • Resources to help in the classroom
  • Access to grants from the WEA Children's Fund, which benefits needy children
  • Opportunity to attend pre-retired seminars presented by WEA-Retired
  • Money-saving discounts to help stretch your paycheck
  • A community of dedicated educator

More Information:

Join Online!

You can now join your union online!!

Use this form on WEA's website (you will be redirected). Type Spokane in the box (do not hit Enter yet) then click on SPOKANE E A when it appears, then click on the "Next" button.  Then enter your information in the form then click on the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page. 

You can also enroll in WEA-PAC online here. The process is similar to the process noted above. Read more about WEA-PAC here

Alternatively, you can join by filling out a regular membership form & returning it to the SEA office. You may have recieved a copy of this form from HR upon hire or at your orientation/on-boarding with Spokane Schools. Your Building Rep can give you a copy or the SEA office can send you one. 

Anti-Union Efforts

Have you received mailings, emails or other solicitation encouraging you to opt-out of union membership? Most of us know our membership is essential to ensuring the best for our careers and our students, but if you have any questions on what are behind these efforts, read more here.