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Showing Events From May 12, 2020 - Jun 12, 2020

  • Implicit Bias- DisabilityTacoma EA

    May 14, 2020 4:30pm Clock Hours Tacoma
    In this course, participants are introduced to implicit bias research, resources, and concepts, including microaggressions and micro-insults. During the other portion of this course, participants focus on implicit bias and microaggressions related to disabilities. They also work on framing a new way to think of ableism and the impact of
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  • Pre-Retirement Preparation Planning for Success the Right Way

    May 27, 2020 4:30pm Tacoma
    Retirement is a word we have heard forever. Nearing retirement makes the meaning of that word become much more real -- and scary! How will you maximize pension and Social Security benefits for you and your family, fund rising healthcare costs, deal with the destructive power of inflation and taxes
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