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Building Rep Structure

In 2020, the Rep Council voted to change the SEA by-laws to revise the duties of Building Reps to better address the reality of what Reps do and added a priority of membership. With a focus on membership, we maintain and build our collective power. 

Building Reps are essential to SEA. They are the first contact for membership when members have questions about SEA and the CBA. Historically, Building Reps have been responsible for everything from CBA questions, communicating Union updates, and recruiting new members. All three of these responsibilities are vital to the collective power we must maintain. To be successful in all three areas the Rep Council voted to revise the roles of building reps last spring.

Building reps will be elected to fill 3 primary focus areas:

  • Membership 
  • Communications
  • Advocacy

FAQ on Building Rep Structure Change (2020)

What Are The Duties And Roles of A Building Rep? 

At a glance...

  • Advocacy:
    • Attend monthly Rep Council meetings during school year
    • Attend Rep trainings (offered once per year at most)
    • Find answers and solutions when members have questions about the CBA 
    • Help resolve CBA violations
    • Represent and advise members with admin meetings and admin relations
    • Connect with site admin and/or supervisors regularly
  • Membership:
    • Attend monthly Rep Council meetings during school year
    • Attend Rep trainings (offered once per year at most)
    • Connect with new hires
    • Facilitate membership enrollment
  • Communications:
    • Attend monthly Rep Council meetings during school year
    • Attend Rep trainings (offered once per year at most)
    • Keeping bulletin board updated
    • Update members on SEA events 
    • Facilitate 10-minute SEA meetings when-needed
    • Update fellow members on topics addressed in regular meetings between SEA reps and Admin

Building Rep Training

Building Reps will recieve training. There are 3 levels of training for each role; read more here


If I move schools, am I still the Building Rep? 

No, you must be elected by your building's membership. 

Who is my Building Rep?

Please contact the SEA office so we can look this information up for you.

How does the SEA office communicate with Building Reps?

SEA communicates via Building Rep Updates to home emails and to school emails as-needed. SEA Building Reps also attend monthly Rep Council meetings and have the option to attend "Building Rep Office Hours" held monthly as a drop-in for support from the SEA office. 

How long are Building Rep terms?

SEA Building Reps serve a term of two school years. Your current building reps are serving 2023-2024 and 2024-2025 school years. 

There's a vacant Building Rep position at my school, can I serve there?

Yes, please contact the SEA office to initate the appointment process and chat with an exisiting building rep if you haven't already to discuss the work & current processes/happenings at your worksite.

I need some support in my role as a Building Rep.

There are monthly Building Rep Office Hours held via Zoom as a drop-in session to bring something to the attention of your SEA leadership and staff. Please utilize the Office Hours when applicible by accessing the calendar above and following the Zoom link inside.